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Book Diva Review: After Dark

after dark Darkness of night, the so-called witching hours between midnight and dawn, is the foundation for the novel, After Dark, by Haruki Murakami, in which sisters, Eri and Mari are the central characters, along with a jazz trombonist. Mari and the trombonist meet in a Denny’s, located somewhere in Japan, by chance (or is it?).

There seemed to be a metaphysical, magical and intriguing presence throughout the book, as I sawthe night through the eyes of an invisible visitor, watching from above, below, and within the rooms. The events took me through doors, walls, and even the TV. Eri appears to have the ability to transport herself, in an out-of-body manner, while Mari seems to usurp some of her sister’s energy.

I felt the night tensions, viewed the night life within, from prostitutes, to eating establishments, the city streets to some of the ominous characters, within the darkness. Murakami took me through a voyage of life, between midnight and dawn, with the expertise that only his beautiful and masterful writing can convey. He injected humor within the noir, evoking empathy and metaphysics, love and psychology, within the confines of the story of night, night in almost any city. Night that is not so different than daytime.

Haruki Murakami is briliant with his visualizations, word images that the reader can depict in their minds. His writing is illuminating within the tensions, and the reader is transported through the night through his masterful writing, in After Dark.

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