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Sunday Book News

The New York Times article regarding the theatrical production revival of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, was an interesting read. I have read the book a few times, seen the film but have not seen the play.

I enjoyed reading about the behind-the-scenes details, and about some of the challenges producing the play presented.
Go and browse what is new in the book world at the L.A. Times.

The New York Times Sunday Book Review has some compelling looking books on their list this week.

I am an avid reader of W.G. Sebald’s works. Joshua Cohen wrote a review entitled “Points of Departure“, regarding W.G. Sebald’s book, A Place in the Country. I will definitely be reading this compelling sounding book.

Marcia Gessen has reviewed Molly Antopol’s book, UnAmericans.

If you like basketball, you might want to read the review of Seth Davis’ Wooden.

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