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Review-Last Letters From the Shoah

Last Letters From the Shoah, by Ziwi Bachrach, is a poignant, heart-wrenching and incredible non-fiction work, leaving me stunned after reading it.

This book is intense on so many levels. The letters, thrown from trains, written on walls, secreted out of the very concentration camps they were written in, words written in haste, just before extermination, documents the emotions of Holocaust victims, and describes the atrocities they have witnessed, and are about to succumb to, themselves.

Many of the victims ask for revenge, many seek some form of peace knowing they are about to die, and others, ask for forgiveness from the intended addressees of the letters, still others, try to ease the minds of the persons they are writing to, letting them know that they (the authors of the letters), are facing their ultimate death in peace.

Each and every line, each and every word, is a stark and poignant reminder of the fate of the individuals, who wrote the letters, often written on bits, pieces, and scraps of paper.

Last Letters From the Shoah will ever be a treasured volume on my book shelf. It is first and foremost not just a volume of letters, but a heart-wrenching, poignant and hand-written reminder of the Holocaust, from the pens of Witnesses. Ziwi Bachrach pays tribute to those Witnesses, some exterminated, and some living.

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