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Book Diva Review: Society’s Child

Society’s Child: My Autobiography, by Janis Ian, is a book that is written with forthrightness. I don’t own this particular book, but have read it, and was quite impressed with her ability for writing in a candid manner, while not expecting or wanting sympathy from the reader. It shouldn’t have surprised me, judging from the lyrics to the song “Society’s Child”, that put her in the limelight, front and center, beginning in 1966.

Ian writes in a straightforward manner, infusing her autobiography with her life beginning as the daughter of Jews, not Orthodox Jews, yet “fervent Jews“, who celebrated Jewish holidays, occasions and events. We follow her through the decades, from her teenage struggles with success, through her struggles with drugs, an abusive marriage, and even mortgaging her house in order to fund a record album.

Janis Ian is candid, and generous in describing her life. In my opinion, Janis Ian’s “Society’s Child: My Autobiography” is a book not to be missed, if you haven’t already read it.

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