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The Reluctant Tuscan, by Phil Doran

The Reluctant Tuscan, by Phil Doran…I give it Five Stars!

I am not so reluctant, after reading The Reluctant Tuscan, Phil Doran’s memoir. In fact, more than ever, I am eager for my trip to Tuscany to begin. The end of March can’t come soon enough for me.

The book is filled with humor, crazy moments, poignancy, and filled with the thoughts and emotions of a man on the edge, stressed beyond stress, who travels relucutantly to Tuscany, yelling, kicking, and fighting every minute of every mile of his journey.

What begins as a journey from Hollywood to Italy, turns out not only to be a journey to foreign soil, but also a journey towards inner peace, and a journey of the soul and heart. We laugh and we cry with Doran, we scream out in pain, and scream out in joy with him.
Doran reminds us of the anxiety and the reluctance of experiencing the unknown, of how we view change, and how we react and survive, emotionally, when being thrust into different situations that we are not familiar with.

Doran’s words and experiences dance on the pages, and his days don’t often blend smoothly, much like vinegar and oil, don’t go together. We see the sweetness along with the tartness in his poignant and hilarious book.

Reading this book is like being on an elevator, one minute you are up, the next minute you are down. But, the majority of the time, you find yourself laughing out loud, and glad to have taken the journey with Doran, if only through the pages of his fantastic memoir! His prose has whet my appetitie for everything Italian, and I am anxious to begin my own journey.
~~Book Diva

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