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Book Diva Review: A Bricklayer’s Tale

a bricklayertale A Bricklayer’s Tale, by Gary Troia, is a book composed of several short stories. Each one is individual in style and intensity.

I am glad that I bought the e-book edition, to tell the truth. From substance abuse to retirement to mystical conversations, the stories unfold, and are quick reads. I did not find them to be overly compelling.

The word imagery is good, yet, for me there is something lacking that I can not quite put into words. The stories did not give me anything to ponder. From street-wise to rural, I was not captivated. I read so much non-fiction, and maybe that is part of the problem.

There is one story that I did like, and it was one regarding a shed. For me it seemed to be quite sentimental, and it seemed out of place within the realm of the other stories that were based on alcohol and drugs.

The book was recommended to me. I expected more, and I should know better, because when I do, I am usually disappointed in one aspect or another. You might feel differently than I did, though.


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