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World War II Pictorial

Where to begin, where to begin.

I was volunteering this week at my local library, for their biannual “giant book sale”. Oh, my! Yesterday-Saturday-I came in and went to the section I was assigned to “History”, to tidy up the books, and to my surprise I saw Wm. H. Wise’s “Pictorial History of the Second World War”. I almost cried when I saw them, well, I did cry.

The volumes had been put out by another volunteer, from the back room, where there had been more history-related books. She was hoping someone would buy them, as a set for $10.

My father, May his Memory be for a Loving Blessing, owned a set just like that one. He died at the age of 45 in 1960. He was in the army during WWII, and he cherished those volumes. When we moved from Long Island to CA, the volumes somehow got lost. It was heart-wrenching, because I knew how much those books meant to him.

To see that same set of volumes (not his), on the table, was overwhelming, and I immediately put them aside at the checkout desk, got my purse, paid for them, and put them in the trunk of my car.


They aren’t in mint condition, but for me, the fact that I have them is enough. It has given me a great feeling to be able to see them, hold them, pour through them, and to know my father is smiling down at me.
Now, on to the sad happenings in the world.

The horrendous earthquake in Nepal and the avalanche, triggered by it, has devastated the region. There are over 1,100 lives lost from the earthquake, as of the latest counting. The lives lost on Mt. Everest are said to be 17, so far. The photographs are difficult to look at.

The volcano eruption in Chili has also been devastating.

Warren Weinstein, a U.S. hostage, and Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Porto’s deaths by a U.S. drone are unbelievable, in my mind. They were being held hostage by al Qaeda, in a compound.

I have also been saddened by the Syrian migrants who have lost their lives on boats that have overturned/sunk. It is horrible that people flee their country to try to find safety, only to succumb to another disaster.

There are so many devastating and tragic worldwide events occruring, it boggles the mind. So many lives lost, so many injuries, so many people left homeless.

Take a moment to pray for all of those victims involved, whether deceased or injured and/or displaced.

There are many books on prayer, but books are not necessary in order to pray. Let your thoughts illuminate from your heart.

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