Books Read 2015

1.  The Children Act, by Ian McEwan
2.  The Rescue of Memory, by Cheryl Pearl Sucher
3.  The Liar’s Wife: Four Novellas, by Mary Gordon
4.  Problems With People, David Guterson
5.  Leah’s Journey
6.  Other People’s Houses: A Novel
7.  Sweet Like Sugar
8.  Eva’s Story: A Survivor’s Tale
9.  Forever Torn
10. The Flood
11. The Lemon Tree
12. Fabulous Small Jews
13. The Lemon Tree
14. The Miniaturist
15. Evergreen
16. Heartland
17. Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II
18. The Source, James Michener
19. Measure of a Man, From Auschwitz Survivor, Martin Greenfield
20. Forgiving the Angel, Jay Cantor
21. The Liberation of Celia Kahn
22. Elizabeth Street
23. Fanny Herself, Edna Ferber
24. So Big, Edna Ferber
25. Roast Beef Medium, Edna Ferber
26. The Hypnotist’s Love Story
27. What Alice Forgot, Liane Moriarity
28. The Land Agent
29. Christmas for Joshua
30. Florence Gordon
31. The Birds of Pandemonium
32. The List: A Novel
33. Paper Love
34. Dissonance
35. Sweet Tooth, by Ian McEwan
36. Jezebel, by Irene Nemirovsky
37. The Secrets of Midwives
38. The Leap Year Boy
39. Dorothy Parker Drank Here
40. The Nightingale
41. Four Mothers, by Shifra Horn
42. Dora Bruder, by Patrick Modiano
43. The Fires of Autumn, by Irene Nemirovsky
44. The Paperbark Shoe
45. The Days of Abandonment
46. The Forgotten Family
47. The Small Backs of Children
48. The Mothers
49. A Time to Speak
50. The Lost Daughter
51. The Art of Baking Blind
52. The Book of Aron
53. The Photograph
54. Girl at War
55. Consequences
56. The Last Flight of Poxl West
57. Thanks for My Journey
58. The Girl You Left Behind
59. The Mapmaker’s Daughter
60. The Finkler Question
61. Italian Shoes
62. Evie, the Baby and the Wife
63. The Empire of the Senses
64. It’s What I do
65. The Library at Night’
66. The Lady in Gold
67. Brushed By Feathers
68. Station Eleven
69. Aquarium
70. The Distant Hours
71. Waiting for Robert Capa
72. A Guest for the Night
73. Shira
74. The Leap Year Boy
75. The House at Riverton
76. The Secrets of Midwives
77. In the Unlikely Event
78. All That is Solid Melts Into Air
79. Blue Diary, Alice Hoffman
80. Once We Were Brothers

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