Resistance Women

Jennifer Chiaverini, author of Resistance Women, certainly did her research covering the resistance in Germany, during World War II.

The characters came alive, as I read the pages, even though the historical novel is slow-moving. This reader felt enveloped in the events and the resulting efforts to quell Hitler and his power in Nazi Germany. The word visuals were so strong and illuminating, I felt a part of the whole, within the women’s staunchness, in their physical, mental and emotional attempts to resist the Nazi forces.

The group of women friends stood together to try to gain access to, and send classified information to England and America, and even Russia. Their ‘cell’ was built on women of courage, collectively trying to help in the downfall of the Nazis. They had one goal, and that was to destroy the Nazi power.

Their safety was always at risk, but that did not prevent them from trying to succeed in their efforts. They not only witnessed horrific events, but were involved within those appalling moments, themselves. Nothing deterred them in their commitment to curtail Hitler’s dominance.

Resistance Women, by Jennifer Chiaverini, is, in my opinion, a necessary book, one that belongs in high school, college/university libraries, and personal libraries. It is of historical importance, in depicting how some of the horrific events of Hitler’s rule, did not deter the ‘Resistance Women’ from trying to compromise the Nazis.

This novel is based on historical fact, and based on some actual individuals within the resistance.

Thank you to LibraryThing Early Reviewers, for my advanced review copy.

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