Book Stores

There is nothing like the scent, feel, visual and overall enjoyment I feel when I am in a book store, especially if it is an independent store, and/or used book store. I love involving myself in the books, and become engrossed.

Here is a link I love, regarding the ten most beautiful books stores in the world.

I love traveling to Portland, OR, and walking into Powell’s book store. What a wonder!

And, how about the New York Public Library, I love to relax within the environment there. I know, it is not a book store, but it is still one of the greatest resources for books, either to borrow or read there.

There is also Strand books, in New York City.

Why not check out “Travel + Leisure” to see their post on America’s Best Bookstores.

Oh, and there is L.A. Weekly’s suggestion of the Ten Best Independent Book Stores in L.A.

Have a great week!



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6 responses to “Book Stores

  1. I absolutely LOVE Powell’s. Every time I’m in Portland (I’m an hour south in Salem) I do everything in my power to squeeze in a stop. I could easily spend all day in that bookstore! Great post! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I love Powell’s, how can one not love it!

  3. I totally agree! Just stopped at Strand’s Central Park sidewalk tables in NYC last week – There is a wonderful independent bookstore called The Book House in Albany NY. πŸ“š

  4. I love spending time in bookstores too. The one time I’ve been to NY, I walked from one bookstore to another over 3 days. I like the Strand though I found its size a little daunting. Idlewild Books is another favourite and great for travel literature.

    If you happen to pass by London, here are some recommendations that you might like:

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