Bought, Read

Irene Nemirovsky is one of my favorite authors. I like the way she manages to pin down the perceptions of specific individuals within the realm of certain time periods.

Her magnificent and masterful novel, Suite Francaise, is one such novel in which the ravages of war and the frantic desires to survive are illuminated, with every minute detail imagineable.

I have read all of her works that have been translated into English. I am the happy owner of The Fires of Autumn, the latest of her novels that have been translated!

I am sure this book will not disappoint me, as none of her others have.

I finished reading The Birds of Pandemonium, Oh my! So many birds, so little time. I absolutely loved this book, and will be reviewing it shortly.

I also finished The List: A Novel, by Martin Fletcher.


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2 responses to “Bought, Read

  1. I’m so delighted to read your positive comment about The Birds of Pandemonium. Happy that will soon be writing a review of it – I’ll be watching for that. I’ve almost bought it several times, but didn’t – now you have me interested!

    • I almost didn’t buy the the book, but after much thought, I finally did. I am such a bird love, and just couldn’t resist. I am so glad I did. It is quite the story.

      Birds, like humans, have their own uniqueness and their own personality.

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