I am currently reading a novel entitled What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarity. It has a unique story line, and I am quite involved in it.

The main character, Alice, has been injured, and has completely forgotten the past ten years of her life. She has forgotten to the point she doesn’t even know her children, who were born after the point where she can not remember her life. That, my dear readers, has me intrigued, and reading without stopping (except for coffee this morning and dinner last night, and possibly a muffin and/or lunch, and dinner later on-if I haven’t finished it by dinner time tonight). The book has almost 500 pages, and I am about 22% through it.

Big Little Lies, by her, sounds like an interesting book, and so does The Hypnotist’s Love Story. I will put those two on my e-book, to-read list.

Have any of you read a book recently that has you engrossed by the characters/story line?

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