Review: Living Beyond Terrorism

The stories within the pages Of Living Beyond Terrorism: Israeli Stories of Hope and Healing, by Zieva Lynn Dauber Konvisser, are very inspiring, and filled with hope, despite the traumas and fears forced upon the individuals, through terrorist bombings in Israel.

Each person has learned to live through the terrorist act/s, and to cope with what life handed them. The majority of the individuals have gone on to help others, either through working for humanitarian organizations, forming an organization themselves, or through volunteering to help victims of terrorism.

The traumas experienced have formed their lives in ways that they never expected. Most have realized the important things in life, and that the trivial plays no part in daily living. They are terrorist survivors, and are grateful for having lived, despite physical and emotional limitations.

The individuals come from diverse backgrounds: Jewish, Muslim, Arab, Israeli, American, and children of immigrant parents. They shared their poignant stories with Ms. Konvisser. For some it was a bit of a catharsis to do so, for others, it was a reminder of the past and how much they have managed to move forward towards the future.

The stories are good examples of current affairs between Israelis and Palestinians. Most of the incidents occurred during and after 2001. That peace has not been attained since then, is a testament to hatred, nonacceptance and lack of understanding.

The stories give one information to ponder, firsthand information from survivors of terrorist acts. I recommend Of Living Beyond Terrorism: Israeli Stories of Hope and Healing, by Zieva Lynn Dauber Konvisser, to everyone.


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