Book Diva News: August 12, 2014

bridging 5

James Parker, re The New York Times Sunday Book Review is asking us a question: “Which Book Is Begging to Be Made Into a Movie? Dana Stevens has also commented in the same article.

Soldier Girls, by Helen Thorpe, seems to be quite the compelling read, as women are deployed from the National Guard to Afghanistan and Iraq.

I Read Everywhere Campaign wants to know where you read.

Library Reads has posted their September 2014 library list. You can read it here.

Huffington Post loves libraries! Read why.

If you want a chance at winning a copy of The Book of Life, enter here

Here is an excellent article involving eight authors and “the first book they ever loved“.

The Music of the Galaxies
should be an intriguing read.

That is it for now. Enjoy your day.


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