Review: The Late Starters Orchestra

The reluctance to fulfill our dreams and goals is explored in The Late Starters Orchestra, by Ari L. Goldman. I found the book to be illuminating as to the fact that it is never too late to commence our dreams, dreams long-held but not sought. Some times it takes the first step forward, which then becomes the journey towards completion.

Our fifties is often a time of life when one can accomplish what they had not begun. Other commitments in life, such as job, family, etc., take priority over one’s personal passion. This time of life gives a person contemplation regarding what they have fulfilled in life.

Ari Goldman certainly explores that theme in every aspect. His dream has been to play the cello for his sixtieth birthday, and he begins the process, anew, in his fifties. His reluctance, initially, turns to his defining and setting goals. Step by step, he embarks on the journey to endeavor to reach his goal.

He involves himself in music groups, some are filled with experienced musicians, and some are amateur groups. No matter the expertise and experience, he learns from all the groups and the individuals he encounters along the way.

Can one man reach his dream of playing cello? Can he not only play it, but become part of an orchestra? Read The Late Starters Orchestra, and find out.

The Late Starters Orchestra is an inspiring memoir, in so many ways. I enjoyed reading it.


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