Book Diva Review: The Devil and Miss Prym

thedevil The Devil and Miss Prym, by Paulo Coelho touches on Good and Evil, and what the difference is between the two, and/or even the similarities. It might read like an adult fairy tale, but that does not lessen the intensity, or diminish the ability to provoke thought about the subject matter, about people, and how far their greed will take them. It also leaves us to wonder about purity of heart.

Miss Prym, is at the forefront of the novel, along with her interactions with a stranger who comes to town. She is given a chance to change the town for decades to come, but will she? And, the residents, once they learn the secret, how will they react..will greed or fear motivate them? Or, will it be a combination of both? I won’t elaborate on the plot, as you must read this book yourself, and inhale the contents, the word-paintings that fill our senses.

Prym…could be interpreted as “Prim”, and with Miss Prym’s innocent and pure appearance, her visual essence and illumination might not actually be the way it appears, and her inner core and soul might reflect hide another illumination.

“There is no such thing as good, virtue is just one of the many faces of terror, the voice said.”

What is the difference between good and evil, and do we, as individuals incorporate some of each, in ourselves. Can one flourish without the other. And, is evil produced from fear of the consequences we will receive, or motivated by other forces, external or internal? What about goodness? These are just some of the questions Coelho leaves us to ponder, in this well written and thought-provoking novel.

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