Lavender and More Lavender

lavender sky

I browsed the word “lavender” on a popular website where one can purchase books. The list below shows a few titles of what showed up on my computer screen (and there are more than you could imagine, more than you could count on your fingers, toes, and all of the bones in your body, and more than hundreds and hundreds of books with “lavender” appearing in the title of the book).

From novels to cookbooks, gardening and growing to lavender scenes and sights, lavender holds a definitive and strong place in the book and even the music world. From the color in gardens to its use in decorating, lavender is widely used not only to please the eye, but to add aroma and taste to food, and scent to a room, plus so much more.

Lavender Skies – Music

The Lavender Lover’s Handbook

The Lavender Cookbook

The Lavender Garden: A Novel

Lavender: The Grower’s Guide

The Lavender Gourmet

On Lavender Lane: A Shelter Bay Novel

Lavender Fields of America

Lavender Morning, a novel

Lavender-Fragrance of Provence

The Lavender Keeper, novel

Lavender Blue-novel

Lemons and Lavender: The Eco Guide to Better Homekeeping



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