Bridging the World: Female Poets

Bridging the World a Book at a Time

Bridging the World a Book at a Time

This post lists a few female poets and a link to their works. The world of women’s poetry is wide and varied, and this gives just a minute sampling of women poets, and how their poems bridge generations.

Mary Oliver

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Christina Rossetti

Emily Dickinson

Felicia Hemans

Major Voices in 19th Century American Women’s Poetry

Gertrude Stein

Maya Angelou

Grace Paley

A Book of Women Poets From Antiquity to Now

Marilyn Hacker

Vittoria Colonna

Caroline Caddy

Wislawa Szymborska-Włodek

Dorothy Parker

Women have bridged the world of poetry for centuries, writing on various themes: women’s issues, society, family, love, daily life, work, politics, hope, religion, and so much more.


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2 responses to “Bridging the World: Female Poets

  1. I would have to say, from this list, my favorites would have to be Browning and Dickinson.

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