Book Diva Review: Manuscript in Accra

manuscript found in accra I am a fan of Paulo Coelho’s books, and was looking forward to reading Manuscript Found in Accra.

I hate to admit it, but the book disappointed me. The writing was amazing, beautiful and filled with an almost poetic quality. The writing style reminded me a bit of Kahlil Gibran (I so love his works).

Yet, within the illuminations and loveliness, within the thought-provoking quotations and thoughtful analogies, I found the book to be lacking in a definitive story line.

The book revolves around a man known as the Copt, who is a sage of sorts, and an inspirational spiritual master. He is inside the walls of Jerusalem in the year 1099. Before him are men and women (Jews, Muslims and Christians) who are seeking answers to various questions, questions that will enhance and ease their final moments before Jerusalem is invaded by the Crusaders. Certain individuals are chosen by the Copt to ask a question which he will answer.

That is the foundation within the pages of Manuscript Found in Accra. The book is definitely filled with insight on the human condition, and with insight on life’s meaning, values and mores. The philosophical aspect and the spiritual messages did appeal to me, but I was expecting more story and less prose in “question and answer format”.


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