To Self-Publish into E-book Format

How do you feel about self-publishing? Do you feel it is a viable format? Why or why not?

I am having a lot of difficulty with the e-book publications that have been self-published the last couple of years, especially within the last year. Do not get me wrong. I think it is terrific that individuals can have their work published and even sold through self-publishing and through the e-book format. Yet, a part of me is disconcerted and discouraged by it, mainly due to having read quite a few self-published e-books that have left me empty, wondering why I read the book.

I always hope that there will be one that will astound me, amaze me and keep me enthralled. It does not normally happen. I usually find myself bored with the book, or find that it offers no satisfaction to me. I find self-published historical e-books to often lack the research involved in order to garner a creditable story line (not all of them). Memoirs are often lacking in substance, and seem to be more of a family history…pertinent to a particular family only, and not the general reading population.

There are some novels that have been self-published in paperback format and e-book format that have no substance to them. And, I find that they are part of a trilogy or even have four or five publications, with each one adding new content, such as a new generation, etc. A lot of these are sold for under $3 U.S., and seem to encourage readers with their jacket covers and blurbs.

I am glad that readers who might not be able to afford a more pricey book are able to read one for substantially less money. It keeps them reading, at least. But, is that always a good thing if the book is not exactly well-written? What are your thoughts?

Tell me your opinion on the subject. Thank you.

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