Book Diva Review: Possession

possession I read Possession, by A.S. Byatt when it first came out twenty two years ago, on an airplane on my way to England.

It was the perfect book to keep my engrossed in on the long flight from California. I barely raised my head from the pages. I remember hurrying to the restroom so I could get back to my airplane seat and continue reading. I recently reread it…and felt just as enthralled with the book.

The passion between the lines, in this wonderfully conceived and crafted book of both prose and poetry, had me totally possessed and engrossed in the multiple and simultaneous stories. The comparison of the past and the present was vividly depicted with wonderful word-imagery that filled my senses.

I liked the aspect of the novel-within-a-novel, and how the stories of the past intertwine within the story of the present…in a magical and surreal fashion, at times. This is the stuff that passion is made of, and Byatt has outdone herself in this masterpiece. Possession…the author had me possessed and involved in the story from the first page.

Possession was a book I became wrapped up in, within the literary creativity, the historical factors, and the beautiful fairy-tale poetry and prose. The novel took me back to an earlier time period I could visualize, and had my senses alert and eager to continue. I read the book straight through, and by the time my plane arrived at my destination, I had finished the novel.

Possession, passion, poetry and prose, are all combined in one artful and magnificent novel, Possession, by A.S. Byatt.

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