Book Diva Review: Enrique’s Journey

enrique NazaEnrique’s journey, by Sonia Nazario, is more than a journey, it is the compelling, unbelievable, and factual saga of Enrique, and his harrowing odyssey through lands unknown, in order to find his mother. He traverses from the Honduras to the United States, traveling twelve-thousand miles in order to come face-to-face with her.

Enrique’s mother left in order to find work in the United States. She sent most of her earnings back home to feed, clothe and house her children and other family members. They were able to survive, due to her efforts. But, her efforts cost her important things that money could not provide or buy. She lost years, and in her own words, “On the one hand it was worth it…at first. But on the other hand…no. I lost their childhood.”

This book is gripping, dramatic, filled with scenarios one might find in an adventure movie or a thriller movie. Enrique’s harrowing experiences leave one overwhelmed at the thought that a young boy could endure and overcome so many obstacles in order to reach his dream.

From drug-infested streets, to railroad boxcars, to work camps and jails, and through so many other appalling scenes, I found my heart racing along with the emotional roller coaster ride this book took me on. It is difficult to let go, and I am not sure that I will let go of Nazario’s accounting of Enrique and his family. I am not sure that I want to let go.

Nazario reaches into the depths of the immigration experience, which she thoroughly researched and documented through witness accounts and photographs, interviews and film. Her efforts gained her a Pulitzer Prize, in 2002, when her series “Enrique’s Journey” appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

This book includes that series, and so much more. The information contained within the pages is a testament to Sonia Nazario’s dedication to the cause of humanity, and her striving to bring a face to the story of immigrants and the immigrant experience, immigrants who are human beings. We are all one minute speck, under the sun.

I highly recommend Enrique’s Journey to everyone.

I am sorry for the update, but I have received some news on Enrique’s Journey, directly from the author, Sonia Nazario, who responded to this post. There is a young adult version of the book, which came out August 27, 2013. Here is the link to it. Included in this book, according to Ms. Nazario, is the fact “It has an epilogue that updates people about Enrique and the immigration issue.”

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2 responses to “Book Diva Review: Enrique’s Journey

  1. Thank you for your kind review. The book just came out (Aug. 27, 2013) in in a young adult version for middle school students and reluctant readers in high school. It has an epilogue that updates people about Enrique and the immigration issue.
    –Sonia Nazario

  2. Thank you so much for visiting, Sonia! I am happy to hear about the young adult version, the epilogue, and I have updated this post to include the link to the young adult version. I have kept track, through the internet of Enrique’s journeys and updates.

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