Book Diva Review: A Mind of Winter

A Mind of Winter, by Shira Nayman, is a novel centered on three characters post World War II. Each brings their own set of circumstances, personalities (or lack, thereof) to the story line.

There is Oscar, a millionaire with a mysterious background. Christine is his former lover, and left him to test the waters in Shanghai. Once there, she manages to get involved in drugs and prostitution. Marilyn, on the other hand is a war photographer who is suffering the repercussions of all she has witnessed.

I found the characters lacking in depth, with lackluster personalities. I found that I was forcing myself to read further on, hoping for a change, hoping for less burdensome descriptions, and hoping for some glints of light. Unfortunately, minute clips of explanations were not enough to hold my interest, and I did not finish the novel.

Rather than continue on being bored with the story and not caring about the characters, I chose to let the book go. This is quite unusual for me, and I can count on one hand how many times I have done that in my decades of reading fiction and non-fiction.

I read Shira Nayman’s book of stories, Awake in the Dark, and enjoyed it, and was eager to read this book, based on my enjoyment of the other. I am sad to say that I had to put it down and let it go.


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