Rob Roy MacGregor

Rob Roy , by Sir Walter Scott is one of my all-time favorite classic books, based on the real-life Rob Roy MacGregor. Rob Roy is a literary classic.


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I traveled through Scotland in 2008 when visiting two cousins who live near Glasgow. My cousin Ann took me to the cemetery Rob Roy MacGregor is buried in. It was a profound experience, in many ways. Knowing I was standing in front of his grave was awe-inspiring. There I was, in front of the grave of a man I had read about, and a man I had idolized.

rob roy2

As a child, I was mesmerized with the tales of Rob Roy, and found him to be an intriguing and powerful figure. It fed into my fantasy of the poor versus the rich, and how one person can be heroic in helping the needy. I inhaled books written about him, and Sir Walter Scott’s “Rob Roy” enthralled me. To this day, I feel the same way.

Rob Roy was a well-known and highly respected man. He is a legend throughout the world, and was a legend in Scotland, in his own lifetime.

rob roy 4

Books on Rob Roy, aside from Sir Walter Scott’s book:

Rob Roy MacGregor, by Nigel Tranter

Rob Roy MacGregor: His Life and Times, by W.H. Murray

The Hunt for Rob Roy-The Man and the Myth
, by David Stevenson

And, who can forget Rob Roy, the film.


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