Book Diva Review: Blackmore Park in World War II

blackmorepark Blackmore Park In World War II, by Fran and Martin Collins. My father served in World War II, and was deployed to Blackmore Park, Malvern, which is in England. He was there for several months before being deployed from there to other areas in Europe…Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

It was an estate which was used for U.S. Army Medical Corp during the war.

Blackmore Park In World War II
is an inspiring look at how Blackmore Park became a sanctuary, of sorts, for those who were wounded during World War II. The men and women who strove to help others through their immense efforts were individuals who put others first.

From nurses to townsfolk, to the U.S. military, everyone gave their all to make life as good as possible within the hospital barracks and the military tents. The book is a testament to all those who were concerned and who cared.

The book contains photographs of the barracks, hospital areas, the grounds, the varied military units that were stationed there, and so much more. The written content is compelling and filled with much researched data. The photographs are priceless, the historical aspect is priceless. It gave me a deeper understanding of my father’s role in the scheme of things.

I have read the book every year, since I first purchased it. Browsing through the photographs and stories within the pages brings me a sense of closeness to my father, and it is a form of tribute to all those Americans and allies who served their countries during World War II in the name of freedom.

The historical aspect of Blackmore Park In World War II, by Fran and Martin Collins, is significant and important.


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    I am posting this, once again, almost two months after originally posting it. Thoughts of my father and his war involvement are on my mind, for some reason.

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