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I have not been blogging the past few days, as the news regarding Boston kept me pretty much glued to the TV, the internet, and other avenues of news gathering. My words would have been inadequate, as far as a book review goes.

Today I decided to blog, but my post is short, and doesn’t contain a book review.

I have not been motivated to read until last night, when I began The Innocents, by Francesca Segal.

I have a couple of books on my night table to read:

The Chaperone, by Laura Moriarty

The Language of Flowers
, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

That is it for today. Thanks for the visit.


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2 responses to “Book Diva Thoughts

  1. Glad you’re getting back to the books! Reading is great therapy for me. In fact, I’m sure I’d be quite insane without it….

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