Book Diva Review: What My Mother Gave Me


What My Mother Gave Me, by Elizabeth Benedict, is a book of collected stories from thirty-one women. Each story is inspiring in its own way, and holds a wealth of insight into what we hold dear and precious, and what we consider as a gift given to us by our mother.

Gifts do not have to be tangible or physical items, they can be gifts of acceptance or recognition, gifts that touch us in ways that only the intangible can. From verbal gifts, a gift of sobriety from a mother, a boat ride, the warmth of a quilt, the power of independence, and so much more, the stories are examples of mother and daughter relationships.

We often define ourselves through our interactions with our mother. Whether we agree, disagree, have rough moments or joyous ones, at times there are those moments of recognition that enable us to move forward knowing there is a gift we can hold dear in our hearts. Whether it be a physical gift a memory or words of encouragement, that gift is valuable and precious to us, and helps cement our mother-daughter relationship.

Some gifts transcend time, some teach us about the world, and other gifts last a short amount of time, but the memories linger on. They help us to find a sense of self within the ongoing societal demands. They bring direction to our lives.

The women whose stories appear in What My Mother Gave Me: Thirty-one Women on the Gifts That Mattered Most, deliver a deep-range of emotion and thoughtfulness in their writing. The stories illuminate their relationships, and foster what matters most to them within the confines of their interactions with their mothers.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is not only inspiring, but also a lovely study on the mother-daughter relationship. It is a book filled with humor, poignancy and love. There is a story within the pages for every daughter and every mother.


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2 responses to “Book Diva Review: What My Mother Gave Me

  1. ebenedict

    I’m the editor of What My MOther Gave Me. I had the idea, assembled the writers, edited the essays, got the publisher – and wrote the intro and the final essays. I am SO moved by your response! Thank you so much for this generous reading. Please go to our tumblr account and post a photo of your mother’s favorite gift to you, with the story of it. Also, go to on Monday and see if you can win a KOBO e-Reader and a copy of the book! – scroll down to SUBMIT PHOTO. THanks again for the lovely review! ~ Elizabeth Benedict

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