Book Diva Review: The Golden Shore

the golden shore The book entitled “The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea“, by David Helvarg, is a book that strikes a chord with those of us who love the sea, and with those of us who wish to keep our environment a force of life for all who inhabit it.

Helvarg has demonstrated elegance and eloquence in his writing, and has brought history to the surface. The book is a tribute to the sea. The reader is taken on a journey through history, and through the destruction of our coast. He has shown how humanity has abused our waters with human waste, with oil spills, toxic matter and all forms of pollution.

From surfers to boaters, beach-goers to housing developments and so much more, the sea has influenced every aspect of California life, in one shape or form. Pleasure seekers and corporations, alike, use the coast and the sea for their own benefit.

Yet, Helvarg has shown redemption and reclamation of the seascape, its inhabitants, above and below the waters, through environmental efforts of many concerned citizens. Our environment and ecosystems are beginning to show signs of gaining strength and surviving through corporations and conservationists taking the upper hand.

Many life forms of the sea are beginning to thrive and recover from past neglect. Sustainability is taking hold, and the results are noticeable.

David Helvarg is committed to the earth, the sea, and the life forms within its fold. The reader is aware of that through his writing and descriptive word-images. He loves the sea, and he loves California. Reading “The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea” has reaffirmed why I am glad I live in the “golden state”.

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