Book Diva Review: The Longing Season

thelonging season The Longing Season, by Christine Schaub is an extremely poignant, gripping and compelling book.

Aside from the excellent historical fact that Schaub brings to this compelling novel, the book is also a story of humanity and the willingness to change. The story is filled with love and yearning, goodness and redemption, in the face of adversity.

We see the world, often wretched and inhumane, through the eyes of John Newton, a man of many characters, from being a cast-off and treated as a slave, to being a businessman, to a man in love, to a vicar. We watch his self-absorbed character turn to a man who has become humbled, filled with pain of loss and filled with humility.

His emotions ever present…compel him to compose a song…after having an epiphany of sorts…when his life and his soul become clear to him. He is illuminated within. It is not by chance that Newton composes, the now famous song, Amazing Gracethe lon.

From Scottish bands, to opera singers, Newton’s music has resounded through the decades, music that has been played at funerals, parades, played in churches, sung in choirs and/or special events, sung or played in films, and heard at one time or another in almost every household in America and England.

This is a story of determination, and a story of romance, a story of a love that lasted decades…until the last breath of the spouse who remained.

Christine Schaub
certainly knows how to hold our attention, and bring us inspiration through her elegant and beautiful prose. I highly recommend The Longing Season to everyone!

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