Mary Antin, Salman Rushdie – Two Memoirs

Mary Antin, in my opinion, was a author ahead of her time in the early 20th century. Her memoir, The Promised Land, will be released again, 100 years after its first publication in 1912.

I have a 1987 hard back book of The Promised Land, and might just order the new paperback release to add to my collection.

I was lucky to get the 1987 copy as a free giveaway from my local library. I just began reading it, and am fascinated with each sentence.
Like all authors who I find intriguing and fascinating, I like to collect their works, including newer releases of them, even if I have an older edition.
This also include Salman Rushdie. I am in the midst of reading his memoir, Joseph Anton. I am enthralled. I am an avid reader of his books, and own all of them.

What an author, what stunning writing, what a life he has led. I am about one third through the memoir and can’t put it down. His writing encompasses boundaries, and often opens boundaries of religion, social acceptance, assimilation and the immigrant experience.

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