Book Diva Review – The Opposite of Fate

   In The Opposite of Fate, Amy Tan takes us on her own personal journey, within the confines of the mother/daughter relationship.  Her journey brings us insight into her own personal mother/daughter relationship, and how the words of her mother are a constant nagging, yet guiding force, in her own life.  Her cultural background, along with her maternal influences, direct most of the choices she makes, even when she tries to let go of those influences.

Tan makes us think about and question the issues of fate and choices, and she touches upon the varied paths we take.  Is there such a thing as “free will…do we direct our life course”, or is our journey one of destiny…a predetermined end?  We are brought to think about the outcome of our own steps we have chosen to take, and what is the relevance between those pathways and fate, faith and luck.

Tan blends several essays that she has written, and adds more substance to them, bringing us a book filled with poignancy, choices, spirituality, the meaning of “fate and luck”, and, towards the end of the memoir, her own battle with Lyme Disease, and her struggle to get a correct diagnosis.  She does this with both seriousness and humor, laying the roadwork of her life before us.

Fans of Amy Tan, and her previous works, will enjoy reading The  Opposite of Fate, her memoir, and will enjoy learning more about the woman behind the wonderful novels essays, and short stories.

I personally own and have read this book.
October 25, 2012

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