Spook, By Mary Roach

Spook, by Mary Roach…I give it Five Stars!

“This is a book for people who would like very much to believe in a soul and in an afterlife for it to hang around in, but who have trouble accepting these things on faith.”

Mary Roach, the author of Stiff, bring us another cleverly written book, investigating the question of what happens when we die, is it over…kaput, what about our essence/personality, does the soul survive, in an afterlife? With humor, wit, personal curiosity, involvement in a course on Mediumship, and scientific theory and fact, her own curiosity tries to answer that question. She tries to bring science and faith together, within a happy medium, so that they can coexist together in harmony, in the here and now, and thereafter.

From her Christian upbrining, to the science lab, Roach has always been curious about the line between faith and science, and has formed her own opinions. In Spooked, she tries to prove, or disprove them, through her research on death, dying, the afterlife, the near-death experience, and the whole damn issue. Are near-death experiences psychological, neurological, or out-of-body? Does the soul survive, live on eternally, in another realm? She never fails to evoke humor, in the right sentences, making us literally laugh out loud. She gives us insight into documented soul-searchers from the past, right up to the present, including the scams, schemes, seance table-manipulators, scientists, Mediums, and other assorted characters (some who try to milk money out of their clients, and those who truly believe that they are Mediums). We are witness to her soul-searching journey through time,

Roach writes with a candid and humorous style, bringing us a smart, balanced, fun and vivid read, while at the same time, trying to answer the age old question of whether there is life after death, whether we truly have a soul, and does the soul survive, once the physical body dies? Her wit survives the pages, as she exposes her own soul through humor, giving us a read filled with entertainment.

Read “Spook” and tell me what you think.

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