The Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowler

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading Jane Austen’s works. From Austen’s book excerpts/quotations, to the six characters (five women, one man) who meet once a month, and are involved participants in the Jane Austen Book Club, the book flows smoothly. Each of the characters brings their own perspective to Austen’s works, and each one manages to have similarities to the characters in Austen’s books. Their discussions bring those characteristics into full view.

This book is a quick read, and not one that you will get bogged down in.

Austen, herself, could have written this novel, often humorous, often poignant.
~~Book Diva

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  1. kcd75

    Thanks for the post. I love Jane Austen. I will have to give this novel a try.


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